explore BCNova!


explore BCNova! is an interactive urban programme that offers its users an opportunity to explore three of the most emblematic urban settings of the New Barcelona designed in relation with global events between the year of the Olympic Games (1992) and the year of the Universal Forum of Cultures (2004).


explore BCNova!


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Based on a geographical, socio-economic and botanical case study, this work in progress already includes over 23 video-interviews realized between 2003 and 2005 with "cast-members" related to the above mentioned urban settings. Architects, affected neighbours, inmigrant workers, artists, politicians and activists were asked about how they related to these places. Developed as an offline application the aesthetics of explore BCNova! is based on a reflection about the interface as a "cultural interface" playing with programme metaphors and the concept of user interactivity whilst offering a ready-made scenario. To order the latest offline version of explore BCNova!

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