"The global city," according to urban design scholar Gordon Generali, is "the largest and most complicated project ever produced by humankind." In the contemporary global city we can find a major disconnection between human values and the ethics of technology and economy, and ethics that resulted in confusion, imbalance, and dehumanization. Great masses of bodies more than ever have become animalized and reduced to bare lives drifting and circulating around themselves to be deposited in the postmodern city – a centre of temporary permanence - where a new order replaces traditional national laws and local orders.


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BCNova! offers collective visions and new horizons in a more and more fragmented and accelerated world. Our services and products are especially aimed to designed to create a new public sphere open for responsible participation of all citizens in the construction of a better future. Because we are passionate about the contribution our work can make to a better future we consistently go out of our way to innovate and add real value for our clients.

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