B_top is based on an experimental study of illegal mobile vending of music ("top manta") and other products in Barcelona as a form of hyper-flexible, "ambulant" labour in the framework of a globalized economy. B_top understands the phenomenon of mobile vending as both a source of stories about migration, day-to-day survival, as a tecnique for the distribution of ideas and products between different social actors.

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During the year 2005 BCNova! initiates a network and process of collaborative work between mobile sellers, artists and other cultural producers through the development of the following products:

1) In May 2005 the first issue of our "mantaZine - the first epipheric magazine" has been published. A full color magazine imitating the reallife-format of the local selling display ("manta"), including a guide for best mobile shopping and a broad variety of interviews and texts that explore the social and cultural context of mobile vending in Barcelona, Berlin, Medellín, Mexico D.C, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and other cities. All focusing to document the different forms of relationships, language codes, cultural imaginaries and strategies that are being produced between vendors, locals and tourists. The term "epipheric" is introduced as a juxtaposition between the words "epicentric" and "periphery", departing from the idea that the the sellers' blankets are like magic carpets, moving surfaces on the epicentric city's ground, revealing the peripheric side of the so-called "first world".

2) During the summer and autumn of 2005 B_top calls for participation in the CD "B_top - the original", based on the idea to feature favorite songs and selfproduced musical themes from mobile (music) vendors and other collaborators. The CD will be based on a collective production of songs and experimental features around epipheric issues of being "hop or top" and will hopefully break the charts. Until now collaborations have been established between vendors, artists, DJs and musicians from Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Germany and Buenos Aires. The master CD will be released under Creative Commons license (or alike) and distributed in different local contexts through its participants, on the "manta" and via internet. For more information, consult our Spanish webpage or contact us.

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